Top Tips To Get Your House Ready For Sale

Are you planning to sell your Pagosa Springs house soon? The first thing you need to know before putting your house on the market is how you can improve the curb appeal. After all, buyers want to see a beautiful home to buy or rent immediately.

The property could be beautifully designed and well-built, but no one will notice it if the outdoors doesn’t lo\ok stunning. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in architecture to add curb appeal. In this article, you will learn easy ways to sell your home fast.

Make The Yard Look Its Best

Take enough time to tidy up the yard. Spend a weekend picking up clutter and pruning any dead branches in trees. After that, plant new flowers in the garden.

You have to keep your lawn green before showing it. Therefore, maintain regular waterings before the sale. If there are bare spots in your yard, fill them in with grass seed so that they can grow safely.

You can always contact a lawn care company if you don’t have enough time for this task.

Give The Mailbox A Makeover

The mailbox is one of the first things potential homebuyers see when looking for a new home. As you may guess, nothing disappoints more than a mailbox full of rust and dirt.

If the mailbox’s hinge is worn and some cars have tapped the post over the last years, replace it with a new fresh mailbox with brilliant new numbers.

Power Wash

You probably have washed the inside of the windows a few times a year, but what about the outside? What about the exterior walls of the house? Clear windows and walls make a good impression on buyers and elevate curb appeal. Many Pagosa Springs realtors recommend using a pressure washer to give the house a complete cleaning.

A power wash is necessary not only to clean the exterior walls but also the path to the front door, especially if it looks grimy.

Stage an Outdoor Living Area

Let the buyers imagine how they’ll wave new neighbors by staging a charming outdoor living area. It may seem like a challenging project at first, but all you need is a chair by the front door or some Adirondacks chairs under the tree.

You can also add some lighting, a garden table, and ornamental plants to enhance the aesthetic.

Update Light Fixtures

As we mentioned before, you can add special lighting to the outdoors. The old incandescent light bulb on the front porch won’t be enough to inspire a high-price offer.

With a new LED fixture that complements the home’s appearance, you will welcome homebuyers and safely direct them to the front door.

Create A Front Walkway To The Home

Creating a walkway from the street or driveway up to the door can add definition and structure to your exterior.

According to many real estate agents in Pagosa Springs, a front walkway can also help establish a theme for your landscaping that you can carry through in other elements of the front yard. And aesthetically, it’s just a nice element that adds interest and charm to your home’s entryway.

Clean Your Windows And Gutters

Keep your gutters in good shape. Remove the leaves that obstruct them, and check that they are placed correctly. You can also replace the sections that are worn or banged.

Although this detail seems minimal, it can be noticeable to potential buyers.

Paint Your House

Painting your house before you sell it is a great way to add value and attract potential buyers. But it’s not enough to just slap some color on your walls and call it a day. You have to consider the colors you’re using, how they complement or contrast each other, and how they work in the context of your house.

It may not be an easy job, but it’s necessary to make your curb appeal more attractive.

If you think you won’t do a nice job, consider hiring an exterior home painter.

Contact A Pagosa Springs Real Estate Agent

In the end, there are some steps you can take that will make the outside of your home more welcoming and inviting. Hopefully, the tips we provided will help make those ideas more concrete, and give you a jumping-off point for your improvements.

If you need more professional advice on selling your house, do not hesitate to contact Real Estate Agent Pagosa Springs. We ensure that the purchase or sale of your home is hassle-free. Besides, we can help you find homes with the right features for you! Reach out to our team by phone or email to get started.

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