Pagosa Springs is a beautiful area filled with affordable, luxurious homes for families of all sizes. These homes are available in a wide range of prices with a variety of amenities in each one. However, before picking up your family and moving to CO, there are a few things to consider when looking at Pagosa Springs homes for sale. The Kaufman Team, a trusted Pagosa Springs real estate dynamic duo, compiled a list of these factors to keep in mind, so read ahead to see what our favorite Pagosa Springs realtors have to say.

6 Thing To Consider Before Buying A Home In Pagosa Springs

1 – Utilities

As with any new house, the utilities should be at the top of the priority list for the potential homebuyer. Things such as water, electricity, septic, and gas are all important things to look at when looking at a home for sale or a vacant lot. Some subdivisions already have everything installed and ready, while others may only have a few of them. Your Pagosa Springs real estate agent should have all this information available for you.

Water cisterns are commonly found in some subdivisions, which means you will need to either haul water to your home or have it delivered. This, of course, can be a great inconvenience as well as pricey. Wells are an option, but you will need to have the water in your area tested for sulfur or other problematic substances first.

Electricity can also be a costly expense depending how far away the main electrical box is located. It may be worth looking into alternative options for electricity, such as solar panels or photovoltaic cells.

When looking at sewers, keep in mind that they are typically not available for properties larger than 3 acres, which means you would need to have one installed. This can cost upwards of $5,000-$10,000 or even more, depending on your needs and the terrain where it is being installed. If the ground is rocky or has shallow bedrock like shale it could call for a more expensive system.

Typically, natural gas is readily available for use in most areas. If not, Pagosa Springs has multiple propane companies that can easily deliver to your new home for an affordable fee.

2 – Fire Protection

While a house fire is something every homeowner hopes to avoid, available protection and proximity to the local fire station is worth bearing in mind when looking at Pagosa Springs houses for sale. In addition to the obvious consideration of your family’s well being, having fire protection can inflate your homeowner’s insurance rate. Fortunately, it can also work in the opposite direction, if you are trying to save money on insurance. In areas that do not offer protection, you can petition for a certificate to show your insurance company to help lower your overall rate. Keep in mind that if you have a property with a lot of trees you will need to keep up on fire mitigation and in winter months keep your fire hydrant free of snow.

3 – Paved Roads

Paved roads are worth their weight in Gold in Pagosa! You will need to check on how often and who plows the roads in the winter too! Some homeowners associations take care of the plowing, and other areas are plowed by the city or independent contractors. Even if they are paved and plowed they can be quite icy in the winter so you want to make sure you have good tires, all wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive.

4 – Winter Accessibility

Everyone can agree that Pagosa Springs is a stunningly beautiful area with breathtaking mountain views. However, this means that for some properties, accessibility in winter is extremely difficult and only available to snowmobiles. If you live in Pagosa year round it might be tough to bring your groceries home or receive deliveries from Amazon!

5 – Technological Services

In this day and age, cell phone and internet service are a must. Verizon & AT&T provide cell service in Pagosa Springs, however there are many areas where the service is weak, so check to see where your potential home falls in that category. There are three companies that provide high-speed internet in Pagosa Springs. If you work remotely from home, spend a large amount of time playing video games or streaming Netflix, or simply are not very patient, be certain that you only look at properties providing strong signals for internet and cellphone. You must determine where the need for these services falls on your priority list, and communicate that to your Pagosa Springs realtor.

6 – Required HOA’s, Taxes & Assessments

As with anywhere else, many properties in Pagosa Springs have an HOA with certain required annual dues, covenants, and restrictions. Depending on the home, there may be some extra fees for garbage or snow removal, or landscape maintenance. Remember that vacant land is also taxed at a 3x higher rate than property with a home on already on it.

Living in Pagosa Springs, CO may be a life-fulfilling dream for you, or it may simply be a fresh start for your family. Whatever the reason may be for you, it is important to find a reliable Pagosa Springs real estate team willing work with your top needs and priorities. Kaufman Team is committed to helping you find the perfect home in Pagosa Springs, and has a highly positive history of excellent reviews and ratings from previous homebuyers. If you are considering moving to the area, contact our team today to setup a meeting. We will not rest until you are settled into your dream home in Pagosa Springs!


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