Whether you are trying to sell your home in Pagosa Springs or in any other city in the United States there are a lot of things you can do to enhance the value of your home and insure you receive top dollar. Since inventory is down, especially in the Pagosa Springs area many seller’s think that they don’t need to do anything. We would beg to differ. There are a lot of younger buyers in the market these days and there are also a lot of buyer’s who love to watch HGTV. Both groups like to see homes that are light, bright and updated! Having toured many homes in the Pagosa area, one of the biggest things we see that could go along way towards helping the home’s first impression is to update the lighting! In fact, if you go to Home Depot’s website, under lighting, there is a whole category on Trending Interior Lighting! One of the things that is all the rage now is the Edison style light bulbs! Buyer’s these days to not want to see the brass fixtures from the 80’s and 90’s!

Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Value In Pagosa Springs

Another thing to consider is making sure your walls are painted a neutral color like gray or tan. Buyer’s can picture their items in the home easier if they aren’t distracted by a bright color like red or turquoise! Paint is a quick and easy fix! Does your home have wallpaper? If so, get rid of it. There are very few wallpapers that compliment today’s trends and desired looks. One of the biggest rooms we see wallpaper being a drawback to is the kitchen. It just makes the area too busy! It draws the buyer’s eye away from the great attributes that the kitchen may have and it’s also an instant overwhelming feeling that it would just be too much work to get rid of the wallpaper!

How do your windows look? Are they clean or dirty?

So many homes in Pagosa Springs have amazing views of the San Juan Mountains. You want the buyer to see those beautiful views and not dirty windows.

Will you be listing your home vacant or furnished?

If vacant you may want to consider staging the main living area and the kitchen to provide a welcoming atmosphere! If furnished is there too much furniture? Less is more when it comes to taking your listing photo’s. You want the rooms to look big and spacious and a lot of clutter can make someone looking online at your pictures move on the next house.

One last suggestion we have is if your home is over 15 years old you might want to think about paying for a home inspection ahead of time. For around $400 you can find out any issues your home may have and then you can be proactive about getting those items fixed. We have seen deals blown up by a home inspection so it’s better to know ahead of time what areas need to be looked at in your home! One more thing to consider is that many buyer’s in Pagosa Springs are buying 2nd homes or short term rentals. They don’t live here all of the time and they aren’t present to take care of issues. They will more than likely ask for more items to be fixed that someone who will be living in the home as a primary residence. Contact our Pagosa Springs real estate agents today to learn more about how you can increase your home’s value!


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