Smart Methods To Increase Your Pagosa Springs Property’s Value

Have you ever wondered how to improve the value of a home without overspending? How to remodel a house efficiently to make it a long-term investment? If you have these doubts in mind, don’t worry, a Pagosa Springs realtor is ready to help.

Whether you want to remodel your home to improve the environment, or because you have an investment in mind, here are six ways to increase its value.

Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Value In Pagosa Springs

Upgrading Your Kitchen Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Bathrooms and kitchens are probably the most valuable rooms in a house because they easily make strong impressions on potential buyers. The kitchen is usually the first room to check, so it can demonstrate your house is well-designed and even trendy. It all depends on things like appliances, finishes, and decor.

The kitchen is indeed a great place to spend your money. You can repaint walls and cabinets to give your kitchen a new fresh look. However, if it needs an urgent makeover, some professional services can help you with that. The prices vary from $10,000 to $15,000 for 30 feet of floor space.

Bathroom Remodels Are A Great Way To Raise Your House’s Value

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can be a deal-maker for many homebuyers. If potential buyers see cheap and leaky faucets, they may wonder if there’s something wrong with the pipes, and they can ever turn off the offer. According to many Pagosa Spring realtors, you don’t need to spend tons of money on expensive fixtures. You only have to be smart about the changes.

You can repaint the walls, change the tiles and add a new mirror to make the bathroom look like a new one.

Improve Your Frontyard & Garden’s Landscaping

Many people neglect the front yard, forgetting that this point is key for any homebuyer. After all, it’s the entrance to the house, so we’re talking about the first thing people see when walking by.

A landscape redo can cost up to $3,600 for soil and plants, but you don’t have to spend all that. You can ask your local garden center about free design services, or if you are a gardening enthusiast, you can do the landscaping yourself!

Feel free to check new ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, or home design blogs. These websites always have interesting ideas for landscaping and gardening.

Home & Room Additions To Increase Your Square Footage

You probably can’t change the total size of your house, but you can increase its “available living space”. To do that, you only have to change places like the basement or attic and turn them into another bedroom or home office space.

Many Pagosa Spring realtors recommend doing this to increase your property value. It’s indeed the best way to make a better investment, especially if you have a big yard. In that case, you can add an “Accessory Dwelling Unit” or “casita”.

A “casita” is usually an interest for many homebuyers because they can use it as a special place for their “me time”.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint For Your Walls Will Always Be A Plus

Nothing that a fresh coat of paint cannot improve. A DIY paint job can help you create a big impact on the eye appeal of your house, and luckily, it does not involve a lot of money.

You can repaint your walls, cabinets, doors, etc. By doing this you can make old surfaces look brand-new and add an extra feature to make your home look more valuable.

The Perks Of Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient Home Features

Many modern homebuyers place a big emphasis on energy-efficient features due to environmental issues. Besides, these features save money on their utility bills, which is a big deal.

Eco-friendly design is a notorious and important trend that can make your house stand out among other Pagosa Springs homes for sale. However, you don’t have to change the entire house to make it work.

You can add minor items like LED lights or double-glazing windows. You can even add an area for growing your vegetables and give the idea to the future homebuyer.

The important thing here is to analyze the most environmentally friendly options that do not cost you much, and at the same time, are practical for future buyers.

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While these small changes can improve the comfort of your house, they can also increase your home’s value without much effort. Keep in mind that a home that gains value over time can turn into a big financial income to upgrade to a nicer home.

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