Recommendations For Selling Your House In Record Time

If you’re ready to move, you probably want a quick sale process. One of the best ways to speed up the sale of your home is to stage it. Staging your home for sale can not only help it sell faster but can also potentially increase the sale price and even the number of offers you receive. Since most potential buyers will view your home through internet pictures before deciding to schedule a showing in person, the quality of your pictures and the way your home appears will significantly affect how many potential buyers decide to take a serious look at purchasing your home.

Check out these home staging tips from your Pagosa Springs Realtors that can speed up your sale so you can move forward with your new home!

Declutter Your Home

This is the first and probably most important part of staging. Excess clutter and too much furniture can ruin the look of your home or make the rooms feel small. Everything you’re not using should be put in storage or moved out. Don’t make the mistake of shoving all of your belongings into cabinets, closets, and drawers or stacking tons of boxes in the garage; many potential buyers will find your clutter. Instead, neatly pack things in bins or cardboard boxes and store them at a friend’s home or in a storage unit.

Focus On The Floor

Many jobs begin with the top down, but Pagosa Springs real estate agents know that home staging frequently starts by accentuating the existing flooring. Take care of any floorboards that might be creaking and then look at your floor coverings. A neutral rug that compliments the rest of your décor can add a lot of personality to a room. Get rid of any worn-out carpeting and consider refinishing any hardwood that is worn down. A professional carpet cleaning can go a long way.

Freshen Up The Walls

Dirty marks, stains, and damaged walls can make a nice home look worn out and in need of repair. A good wall washing and a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to the appeal of your home. Although you don’t need to completely eliminate your personality, it’s best to stick with neutral colors that will make your rooms look open and bright. Don’t forget to wipe or give some TLC to the trim work in your home as well.

Increase Space In Your Home

Decluttering and neutral paint go a long way toward making your home feel fresh and large, but you can utilize mirrors and other visuals to increase the perception of the space, too. Interior designers usually recommend placing a mirror opposite a window, which will maximize the natural light in the room and provide an outdoor view from almost anywhere in the room. Placing a mirror behind a bedside lamp will draw the eye, making the whole room feel brighter and larger.

Use Natural Lighting

Your Pagosa Springs Realtors recommend allowing the natural light in your home to shine whenever possible. Make sure your windows are cleaned – inside and out – and pull the curtains back for a clean, fresh feel. Your home’s blinds, curtains, and drapes should be fully open to let in as much light as possible.

De-Personalize, Balanced With Character

One of the primary goals of home staging is to make your home feel like an accessible idea to potential buyers where they can see themselves comfortably living. Having a lot of your personal items can hinder that process and make it difficult for a buyer to imagine the home as their own. Take down photographs of your friends and family and put away your personal items as much as possible. However, your home should still have some warmth and personality. Potted plants, fresh flowers, and a bowl of fruit on the table add a homey feel without intimidation.

Tidy Up

Decluttering alone doesn’t necessarily make a home tidy and ready for showing with a Southwest Realty and Outdoors agent. Put away all of your dishes, place fresh towels in the bathroom, and make your bed so your home looks tidy and ready for the showing. Dusting and regular vacuuming are also crucial. It’s best to keep up with tidying each day so you can easily be ready for last-minute showings.

Open The Windows & Doors

If the weather is agreeable, open the windows and let in some fresh air. This provides a pleasant feel to your home and makes it more welcoming. Interior doors, other than closet doors, should be open as well so that potential buyers feel comfortable looking around.

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